Every building has a structure, and living organisms must have an appropriate skeleton in order to develop.

Just as every living organism is made up of cells, so in the Church groups are the basic unit of life.
Living cells are able to 
fulfill all the functions necessary for life and carry the potential for growth and multiplication.
Since the Church is a living organism, it should also consist of living, developing and multiplying cells – care cells.
A care cell is a group of 5-12 people who together try to reach their surroundings with the gospel message, look after new believers and build each other.

The first Church met both in the temple (worship and celebration together) and at home (relationships and growth).
In order for the Church to be strong and healthy, it needs to gather both in large meetings (Sunday Services) and small groups (care cells).

We encourage you to join a group meeting in the area where you live.

Groups for adults are marked with numbers 1 to 11, student groups with letters A and B, and youth groups with letters C and D.


Care cell 1           ul. Cieszyńska (KROWODRZA)

Care cell 2          ul. Meissnera (OLSZA)

Care cell 3          ul. Lwowska (STARE PODGÓRZE)

Care cell 4          ul. Borkowska (BOREK FAŁĘCKI)

Care cell 5          ul. Gnieźnieńska (AZORY)

Care cell 6          ul. Lipska (RUCZAJ)

Care cell 7          ul. Różana (WIELICZKA)

Care cell  8         Głęboka (KOCMYRZÓW)

Care cell  9         Leńcze (KALWARIA ZEB.)

Care cell 10        ul. Turniejowa (KURDWANÓW)

Care cell 11        Januszowice (SŁOMNIKI)

Care cell 12        in English

Youth care cells

A        ul. Jahody (RUCZAJ)

B        ul. Meissnera (OLSZA)

Students care cells

C         ul. Starowiślna (KAZIMIERZ)

D        ul. Batalionu „Skała” AK (PRĄDNIK)