The following will be effective starting today and until April 11, 2020. All movements and travel are restricted except for health related and professional reasons. The restrictions do not apply if you are:

  • Commuting to work. If you are an employee, run your own business or farm, then you have the right to commute to your work. You also have the right to go buy goods and services related to your professional activities.
  • Volunteering. If you work to fight coronavirus and help people in need in quarantine or help those who should not leave home, then you can move around in this activity.
  • You can also participate in activities that are necessary for everyday life. You are allowed to do the necessary shopping, buy medicine, go to the doctor, look after your loved ones, or take out your dog.
    Important! You are only allowed to move in a group of up to two people. This restriction does not apply to families.

Public transportation
Public transportation will continue to operate. However, on a bus, tram, or subway only half the seats can be occupied. If there are 70 seats in the vehicle, then there can be a maximum of 35 people on board.

Total ban on all gatherings – except for your family
The new regulations also prohibit all gatherings, meetings, or events. However, you are permitted to be with your family members.
Religious gatherings
New regulations demand that no more than 5 people can attend a mass or any other religious ritual at the same time – excluding those involved in the service.

Official information can be accessed by following these links: