Dear friends:

Two years ago, in January 2018, we moved from a rented facility on Goszczyńskiego Street to our current location on Golikówka 12, which at the time was a rented property. This is when, in the realm of modest dreams, an idea was born that this building could one day become ours.

A year and a half later, thanks to the goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ and the faith and dedication of the people in our church family, this building became our own property. Today we meet in our own building on Golikówka street in Kraków. Those familiar with the history of our church know how many times we have moved, how every Sunday we had to set up the facilities for church meetings, and how we were able to rent those facilities for only few hours at a time. When we rented the building on Goszczynskiego Street with a 24/7 access, we were able to adapt it to our needs, but at the cost of hard work of our church members and considerable amount of finances.

When we finally rented our current building on Golikówka Street, it required very extensive modifications and remodeling to meet the needs of our church community. Previously, the building served as a warehouse and a production facility. We created comfortable rooms for the Children’s Church, a main auditorium for our services, offices, social facilities, a café, and a small conference room. We invested in it as much as our common sense and wisdom allowed us for that time. We knew that we couldn’t invest more than that because the building was only a temporary rental.

Today the situation has changed – the building is ours and we can now fully adapt it to the needs of our growing church. We want it to be a good and efficient tool in our hands to build and expand the Kingdom of God. Is having a beautiful, functional building the purpose of our church? No. But such a building can be a great tool to help us fulfill the mission and vision of our church, which is to create a place where people find refuge, healing, where they can be equipped, and discover their life calling.

We invite you to join us in the project of renovating our building.

Account number (in PLN): 03 1750 0012 0000 0000 3128 1482